Decided to pull against some heavy bands for about 6 singles today. We worked up to 335 bar weight and 300lb tension for the first three singles. Then we upped the bar weight to 355+bands for two singles then 380 for one single. 680 is about what I need to keep me on track for a pro total. Granted, I may end up padding it with squat and bench, but I never rely on that as an option. I ran into my local gym to hit some quick accessories and get a pump so nothing crazy. I'm getting ready for a few weeks of heavy clinical and tests. Sleep will be a rarity the next couple weeks.

Deadlift Day

A. Deadlift
265x 5
330+300bands x 1
355+bands x 1
380+bands x 1

B. Lying Leg Curls

C. Calves

D. Hanging Leg Raises

Upper Accessory Day

A. DB Shoulder Press
4x10 w/ 80lb DB

B. Rear Delt Raises

C. Body weight pull ups

D. Cable Rows

E. Rolling DB Tricep Ext