Mon, 22 Oct 18

Upper Work Capacity

Today I went slightly off plan to test out a theory I had about OHP and getting my shoulder back to full strength/stability.  All I did was switch from using the log for my primary press to using the axle, but it turned out that it made a big difference.

Normally my log and axle maxes are within about 10-15 lbs of each other, with axle usually a little higher.  That is for doing a clean and split jerk though.  It turns out that for the strict press work capacity stuff I've been doing to monitor load, rest periods, and time under tension, the axle is much more fatiguing for my shoulders than the log is at the same weight.  Despite the log being more awkward because of the size of the implement and the weight being farther out in front of me, the extra range of motion I get at the bottom from the axle makes it the more challenging bar to use for this.

Axle C&P (clean once)

complex x 70




5x135 - Switch to log

The last rep of my 4th set of strict axle presses felt like it was as close to failure as I could come without actually missing.  After this I quickly loaded up the log to the same weight during my 25 sec rest break (it was already sitting right behind me on the platform) and did my 5th set with it instead of the axle.  Much easier and I got all the reps without feeling like I was going to fail horrendously.  I'm still sticking with a 5 sec negative for most warmup and all work sets and resting about 25-30 sec between sets.

I'll be using the axle for these moving forward since it is obviously hitting an area of weakness for me.  By comparison I expected to do anywhere from 6 to 8 sets of 5x with the log where I only got 4 sets today with the axle.

Meadows Rows/Single Arm Band Serratus Press

10ea x 70/20ea x light band

10ea x 90/20ea x light band

10ea x 100/20ea x light band

Paused Trap Bar Shrugs/DB Curls

20x190/10ea x 50

20x210/10ea x 50

20ea x 230/10ea x 50 - 3 sec pause on shrugs


6ea x BW - 6 sec hold