Tues, 31 July 18

Deload @ Healthy Baller

Quick and painless deload today on my hour break between patients.  I would have liked to do a little more, but I got in enough to feel like my load was dropped.

Double Arm Bottoms Up Press




10x20kg - Started to move out of the realm of deloading toward the end, but not bad for just one set.

Meadows Rows/Banded DB Floor Press


10eax90/8x80 + light band

10eax90/8x80 - No band

Stretched out, ate lunch, and got ready for the rest of my work day.  Having only an hour to warmup, train, change, and eat is not something I would want to have to do all the time, but for a deload it worked.  I head out for Finland tomorrow (today as I type this) with a long-ass layover at one of the airports I can't stand, Chicago O'Hare.  In retrospect, I wish I could go back and change my flight details.  Oh well, time to go to new and awesome countries to pick things up and put them down!