Deload Week - Day 1

I recently lifted in the 2019 APF Raw Challenge in Chicago. I ended up with an 1802 total via a 705 squat, 463 bench and 633 deadlift.

Starting off an easy deload week. I didn't feel like I need it, meaning I wasn't beat up. I actually felt really good having just been to the chiro and massage therapist. BUT - my preference is to deload proactively. I think it is too late to wait until you need it. At least for me if I wait until I really feel like I need it there is a good chance I'm about to get hurt (I know from experience) or its going to take longer than 7 days to recover.

After a decade and a half of doing this, I know my training pretty well and can plan deloads proactively, but not too proactively. Meaning I do it before I need it (usually) but not so far in advance that it is a waste of time. For me, this means every 4th or 5th week. Regular chiro and massage has extended it out a little. I'd bet that most people are the same way, that pulling back off the throttle every 3-5 weeks would work well.

1. Squat - SS Yoke + Chains: 225 and 3 sets for side of 5 triples.

Couple notes: I wanted to go ahead and incorporate my next main movement in the deload. Grease the groove a bit and practice.

As I mentioned in a previous log, I'm working on correctly a hip shift. I have a couple of correctives that seem to be helping and took something that Jordan Shallow said to heart. In his podcast with Dave, he talked about the need to slow down and retrain the movement, relearn the squat. Just doing the corrective exercises probably isn't going to fix the problem. I took most of these reps super slow and focused hard on engaging my glutes. Basically just tried to use my glutes to moderate the speed. The slow reps were pretty clean on video! Very little to no shift. Then I sped up. Annnnnd it was awful again, shifting hard. Summary- Jordan is right.

2. Pause Pull - 225 x 3 x 3

I know some of my team mates aren't a fan of this movement and don't like the idea of pausing in the middle of a deadlift. I like it for me, its worked in the past so I'm using it again. I think it is a time under tension thing. I don't do well straining against a pull. Pausing forces me to be in tension longer. One of my best deadlift training cycles included this movement heavily, so I'm going back to it.

3. Rack Pull - 225 x 5 x 2

I suck below the knee, blocks or rack.

4. 1 leg glute bridge - Mini band x 3 x 12 per side

This is one of the corrective exercises I'm using to help with the shifty hips.

5. Rolling Planks - 4 x 20

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