Wed, 13 Mar 19


We got home from Richmond last night and spent most of the day unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking to fly down to Florida tomorrow.  I switched my OH and DL days around this week because I would not be able to do my speed work per my programming in FL, so I did it in my garage.  The OH day I have more leeway with right now.

13" Suited Chain Axle DL (4 sets of chains)

15x70 - No chains

10x170 - Add chains


8x2x315 - Add suit

2x365 - Still quickety quick

2x405 - Sloth mode

RFE Split Squats/Hypers/Seated Calf Raises

15ea x BW/15xBW/25x150

2x{10ea x 60/10x60/30x150} - Single DB for RFESS