I am starting to creep up on a year without powerlifting and I can tell you it's been one hell of a rollercoaster.  Later this month I really cannot wait to write a more in depth post, I'm in need of that for myself honestly.  Anyway, July was a really important month for me for so many different reasons, but I'll talk mostly about the gym here.

I really didn't get to the gym much this month honestly. My part time job picked up at the beginning of the month and it made it increasingly difficult to be at the gym.  I spent some weekend nights staying up until sunrise talking and getting to know new friends, I went camping, I enjoyed myself; this all came at the expense of missing the gym, and I'm okay with that.  I started out July with my back being kind of shitty and it took a while to calm down, but now I think I'm doing okay again.  This month is significant in that I realized how much I want the gym to be a priority for me again.  I realize that I want to have a regular routine of cardio and lifting, and I also recognize that I want to take care of myself and eat better too.  I actually have lost about 10-12lbs since April due to just eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full - sitting around 185-187 which is super cool.  Intuitive eating with no real focus.  I think the longest I've ever gone without a diet and gaining weight is a month or two?  Which makes me all the more excited to get back into a routine for lifting.

BUT, I have some major obstacles until I can get to that point.  My gym is about 45 minutes away, and I end most of my days 60 minutes the opposite direction.  Why not get up at 5am and train in the morning you might ask - idk maybe I wanna save my sanity because I have therapy with children in the evening....yeah that's why.  Self care is SO important in the field I'm in.  But don't fret, I have some big things planned for this fall and I'mma share them when I've ironed out all of the details. I've been low-key just over here working my ass off and I'm so excited for the things in my future.  Excited for the gym to be a priority again, new beginnings, turning 25, etc.