"Don't let someone elses opinion of you become your reality" -Les Brown
There will be people in your life who want you to fail. You will sometimes never understand it, it will be without warrant or purpose or even logic. Some people just want to see others fail. "Narrow minds and wide mouths travel together". The only person that can give these people power is you. If you choose to let these thoughts, these negative intentions take up space in your mind then they have won. The hardest part of this process is to realize one important thing, these people and their thoughts truly do not matter and cannot effect you unless you let them. Once you come to this conclusion, you will be amazed to realize how ridiculous it was that you ever let them take up space in your conciousness. "The ability to let everything that does not matter, slide" -Fight Club. Someone elses words cannot effect your physical world, if you allow these words to infect your thoughts then you are allowing them to effect your physical world. You cannot, and will not be liked by everyone, its impossible. If you are trying to accomplish new and ground breaking things there will be people out there frightened by that. All's you can do is to follow your own goals, with honesty and integrity. Free yourself from those chains and watch your life take off. Do not act out of spite, do not act with the intentions of achieving a reaction out of someone. You cannot act out of those intentions, if you do you will fall short. It has to mean something more than that. Follow your goals, single minded in purpose. A hollow dream will never come to fruition. Some people will not understand your dream, it's not possible, it's your dream and no one elses. Acceptance and understanding of your dream is not a prerequisite to making it a reality. Be genuine, be honest, be hungry, and be an individual. If you take anything away from this, take this. Unchain yourself from the restraints other peoples thoughts. In the end they truly do not matter, it's extremly hard to accept this, but once you do it will be like the light bulb just came on. That is when you will truly pick up speed and be a happier person.