Wed, 5 Sept 18

Heavy Lower @ ISCF

Well whatever I tweaked benching on Monday was fine today throughout my entire training session.  Also, I did better than expected on suited DL.  No PRs, but possibly the best deadlift I've ever done.

Suited Deadlifts





2x1x425 - Added suit on second set

1x475 - Added belt and straps





1x695 - Video

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This is only 5 lbs off of my all time best suited dead from the floor and it was HUGELY easier than when I pulled 700.  I went into this with only a rough idea of where I thought I would end up and now that I have a better idea, I will choose my warmup sets better next time I work up, which may or may not be soon.  Special thank you to ISCF owner Dave Marquette for tightening my suit straps and lifting me off the floor by the crotch in the process.

I would like to try to get some videos together to submit for online entry in the Official Strongman Games, but I am not sure where I am on the other 2 events (log rep max and farmer's with a turn and no drops) and I need to look up the video submission guidelines as well.  So we shall see.

DB Bulgarian Split Squats/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

10ea x BW

3x{10ea x 80/20x245} - Still only 1 DB here, not busting out sets of 10 with 160 extra lbs yet.

That was all for today.  I took a long damn time with deadlifting and I was starving and still tired from all the fun and games of getting engaged over the weekend.  Since I'm still pretty much just starting out this training block, I am feeling it out to see where I am at on everything including conditioning and work capacity, which seem to be slightly down from where I was going into nationals 2 months ago.  This is not really a big surprise, but is good to know moving forward for programming my training.