Dynamic Effort Squat in Briefs Begins Again... Last Day of New Training Week Schedule

Current Competition Plans: Read Here

I'm currently doing a 3-day training split to off-set my weekend work doing concrete leveling out of town (temporary situation over summer). The split includes:

1: Primary Squat Day - Alternates between %-based competition squat, and squat variations based on RPE (SSB, front squat, pauses, etc). This also includes squat/deadlift assistance work.

2: Primary Pressing Day - Alternates between %-based and RPE-based pressing movements (bench press, floor press, etc). This also includes upper body assistance work.

3: Dynamic Squat Day & Full Body Assistance - Waves of dynamic effort squatting (typically in briefs), as well as a full-body assistance work circuit.

June 2018 Week 1 - Day 3 (Dynamic Effort Squat & Full Body Assistance)

  • A. SSB Close Stance Box Squats (in briefs) - Doubles, 2 sets at each weight as long as speed stays consistent/gets faster.

    • 2x2 @ 295, 2x2 @ 330, 2x2 @ 350, 2x2 @ 380.

  • Weight Vest Circuit (20-lb Weight Vest)

  • A. Standing Strict Overhead Press (115lbs barbell) - 6 reps

  • B. Chin-Ups - 8 reps

  • C. Push-Ups - 10 reps

  • ..Completed for 5 Rounds.

*This day has all short rest periods and definitely kicks my ass. 


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