What you do in the gym needs to have a purpose. So many people go in and do their primary movement and work very very hard at it, only to then go and Fiddle around with accessory movement just to get a pump or work up a sweat. Failing to realize that a lot of that accessory movement is primarily what will cause their squat bench or deadlift to increase. Extreme volume with triceps lats or trunk stability will bring about the best change you could ever experience and yet I constantly see people just moving cables around for 3 sets of 10 and calling it a day.

I also made a post questioning someone's training efficiency if they are constantly rehabbing an injury or fighting off some type of muscle tweak. If that is a constant of your training perhaps there is something wrong with your training. You may be able to be doing something differently that will avoid those tweaks and allow you to progressively overload in a safe range of motion linearly.

Just some things to think about! I am asked how i can spend 3 to 4 hours in the gym everyday, and i can safely say it is because i want to be the best and having the knowledge of what i need to do to get there is nothing without the application of that knowledge.