In this Episode I interview Dr. Jordan Tishler; a former Emergency Room Physician for the Veteran’s Administration, who opened his own private medical practice in Boston after discovering (1) the potential clinical uses for cannabis, and (2) realizing how little quality information there is for both Doctors and patients regarding safe and effective use.

As I mention in the beginning of the interview, this is a very multi-dimensional topic, and we focus on only one narrow aspect of the Cannabis dicussion in this interview. As Dr. Tishler re-iterates, medical cannabis is not for everyone, and has pros and cons like any other medicine. Balanced, evidence-based information like we discuss in this episode is a great first step for people as they evaluate whether medical cannabis has a role in their healthcare and wellness approach. I encourage everyone, no matter what “side” of the cannabis issue you’ve typically been on, to give it a listen and give the issue some new thought based on what we discuss:

  • How did Dr. Tishler go from Harvard Medical School and being an Emergency Physician at the VA, to running a Medical Cannabis Consultation Practice?
  • What are some common conditions patients come to see Dr. Tishler for?
  • What does the Consultation process look like?
  • What are common fears that first-time patients have in relation to using cannabis?
  • What is the safety profile of cannabis compared to other prescription drugs?
  • Is cannabis addictive? A gateway drug?
  • How can athletes, coaches, and professionals learn more about safe and effective cannabis use?

You can listen to the Episode for free on iTunes, Google Play (for Android), or at the Peak Mental Performance website.