Mon, 1 Oct 18

Upper Work Capacity

Since I've got full, pain free, pretty equal range of motion in both shoulders, and pressing the log went well on Saturday with no real problems during or after, my primary upper body day will now be focused on adding OH movements to load up the joint in the weakest compound movement for me and increasing my work capacity for overhead pressing.  Today the goal was just to establish a baseline.  My plan is to work to increase the total volume I do first, and then decrease the time it takes me to do it, and then to increase intensity until things are back to normal.

Strict Log Clean & Press (clean once)

10x85 + 10x85 OH Shrugs

5x85 - Start 5 sec negatives


5x125 - This was a little too much weight to maintain smooth reps and good control for the tempo I was using.


All sets performed EMOM to control for my rest periods.  This gave me 8 work sets of 5 reps with a 5 sec negative on all reps and about 30 sec rest between sets.  I stopped after 8 sets because fatigue was starting to cause my technique to get sloppy and my goal for today was to establish a baseline to work from rather than build on past training sessions.

Seated CG Cable Rows/Side Lying Lateral Raises

3x{10x145/10ea x 25}

Three sec negative for both exercises.  Surprisingly to me, going from normal speed reps to a slow negative made a big difference in how quickly I got fatigued on the CGC Rows.  I usually think of this as an easier row variation so the noticeable difference stood out.

Low Incline PVC Bench Press/DB Pullovers


Three sec negatives only on the pullovers.  This was the first time I've used the PVC bar for incline benching and the last set was rough.