Mon, 28 May 18

Upper @ Iron Strong Crossfit

...for my mid morning, Monday, high humidity, RAW, carb-based diet, flat shoe, single arm kettlebell bottoms up strict press for reps!  BOOM!  Seriously though, my BUP today was a PR for the heaviest and most reps I've done on the exercise.  I'm not celebrating it because of that, but rather because it is an indicator that my shoulder stability is improving rapidly, which I believe will translate to better performance in competition on circus DB clean and press.

I had the day off today because of Memorial Day so I was training at home in Salisbury, and since I needed KBs today I headed in to ISCF for a good old time.

Single Arm Bottoms Up Press

2x10ea x 25

8ea x 35

3x6ea x 50 - Video of last set.

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Pendlay Rows






Alternate Arm Neutral Grip DB Bench/Seated Band Lat Pulldowns

8ea x 80/15x light bands

2x{8ea x 90/15x light bands}

I had the down arm paused with the weight on my chest while the other arm pressed for DBB and adjusted my grip on the bands as needed for appropriate tension on lat pulldowns, still sticking to a scapular depression emphasis with a 4 count negative.

GHR Back Extensions/Head Supported Reverse Flys


Thank you to all the men and women in the military who are no longer with us.  You are missed and your example lives on as a lesson for those willing to learn it, on how to be better human beings.

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