Sat, 7 Mar 15

Today was programmed to be a lower intensity event day with the caveat that I was supposed to work up to a heavy single on axle power cleans.  Unfortunately I woke up at 3:30AM and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour+ and then when it was actually time to get up I was groggy as f@ck so I was slow to get going and by the time I made it to the Unit I had already forgotten about anything more than going light today.  This was made worse since some dude followed me through the gate at the Unit and then his gate code wasn't working when he wanted to leave so I decided to JOG from the Unit up to the front gate to let him out and then jog back as part of my warmup.  This reaffirms my belief that running slowly is stupid unless you are warming up to run fast or you are involved in a sport or career that requires it.  It was probably between 1/4 and 1/3 of a mile up and back and this is by far the furthest I have run at one time in a couple years.  Now, I have done sprints and sled pulls and prowler pushes with a higher total volume, distance-wise, but not a slow jog all in one go.  Back to the point of all this, I completely forgot to work up to a heavy single on axle power cleans.

Press/Deadlift Medley

(circus DB, farmer's DL, keg C&P, farmer's DL)

10x110 - Farmer's DL

complex x 75 - CDB

3x185 - Keg

6x110 - Farmer's DL

2ea x 125/4x220/2x185 - CBD, Farmer's DL, Keg

4 sets of {1ea x 125/2x220/1x185/2x220} - CDB. Farmer's DL, Keg, Farmer's DL

This is the only event for the upcoming April Fool's comp at Brute that we did not train last week since it is the easiest for us to train at our normal base of operations and we were going into our 5th hour of training when we decided to call it last week rather than train this event as well.


60'xprowler+90 - Mike and I decided this was not enough weight since neither of us had worked up very heavy on events.

10x60'xprowler+140 - Finished in under 10' with a 2 man rotation.


This was not a lot of work for an event day and we finished in under 3 hours, which is short time since the norm for training 2 or more events with 2 or more people is 3-3.5 hours.  I'm perfectly fine with this though since we did so much good work last week at Brute and my training is going very well overall and I had trained bench yesterday rather than two days prior.  This is the last easy event day before my competition in a month.  One week out I will train more of a moderate intensity event day just so to make sure I don't so anything stupid or make it harder to recover well to compete.  Plus, the way my current training block is laid out I will deload the week before the competition.  I should note that this is a coincidence though as I generally do not try to schedule my training around competitions aside from nationals since it often creates the need for multiple, random off-weeks of training without structure which I find more of a hindrance than a help.  I'm fine with some of these occasionally, but I like them to be planned in advance so I can test drive different assistance exercises or work up heavy on things I want to test.