Sat, 28 Feb 15

Gregg, Nick, Inman (a.k.a. Cloud), and I headed down to Brute Strength Gym in Norfolk, VA to train events today.  Gregg trained for the upcoming Beast of the East contest at Colosseum Gym in Columbia, MD and the rest of us trained for the US Strongman April Fool's comp at Brute in April (obviously).  We hit 3 of the 4 events from the competition and wanted to do the 4th, but after 4 hours of training, everyone was completely blasted and could barely form two word sentences.

Conan's Wheel/Wheelbarrow Medley

1 lap x 350/40'xwheelbarrow (empty)

1 lap x 440/40'xwheelbarrow + 200

1 lap x 630/40'xwheelbarrow + 595

1 lap x 710/40'xwheelbarrow + 695 - I hate Conan's wheel with a fiery passion.

Farmer's Walk/Prowler Push/Fingal Finger Medley

40'x125 (farmer's)

1 flip x 270 (finger)


40'x215 farmer's/40'xprowler+140/1 flip x 340

40'x305 farmer's/40'xprowler+230/1 flip x 340 - Fingal finger is my new favorite event.  Today was the first time I have ever done it and it is awesome!!!  Brute is the only place I know of that has a set of 4 fingal fingers that are also weight adjustable.  Cheers, BSG!

Stone Clean & Press (clean once)





1x208 - PR!  I didn't get anywhere close to being able to press this last time I was down at Brute in November so this was extremely satisfying.  I still didn't get it in the medley, but came a lot closer than I had before.

1x130/1x170/1x155/1x170/miss x 208 - Despite missing the 208 at the end, I have improved significantly on this event thanks to the sandbag training I have been doing.