Sat, 15 Dec 18

Events @ Iron Asylum

I was living and working down in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area while I was on a clinical for PT school during the holidays last year and my fiance and I had a lot of fun doing lots of different Christmas stuff so we decided to make a trip back down this year to do it again.  And let the record show, Santa Clause is apparently a sailor!  Thanks to being down there for training today, I had the distinct pleasure of training with Mark Kimener, who is a fellow OG strongman from the VAB area who is still going strong.

Mark trains out of Iron Asylum, which is a gym I've heard a lot about, but never been to before.  It is a great place to train with lots of room and very strength sports oriented with areas for SM, PL, WL, BB, and of course CF.  Mark had to work so we trained early, but I had a great day and Mark put in some good work training for his upcoming competition, Savage Strength Mid-Atlantic Strongest Man/Woman.  I won't be competing in it since cleaning the axle is still limited for me, but I will be down helping out with the show.

Axle Jerks (off boxes)

2x complex x 69

complex x 135







So I didn't realize until posting this (because I wrote the weights down in a combo of pounds and kilos in my notebook), but I did even more/better than I thought today.  The last set we switched from kg plates to lb plates because we were using plates on the jerk boxes that we weren't supposed to.  I thought my last 2 sets with the kilo plates had been around 280 and 290, not 290 and 310.  Otherwise I would have gone up to 315/320 for my last set.  Although switching to the pound bumpers actually made 300 feel worse than 311.  Either way, this was a huge step forward for me in my injury rehab for my left shoulder.  Now I just need to work on being able to do cleans again and string the clean and jerk back together.




40'x810 - Video

It wasn't fast, but it was steady, I had good acceleration, and no drops.  I was very surprised I could do this with less warmup than I'm used to for a yoke that heavy.

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Belt Squat

10x bar



I haven't used a belt squat in a long time and when I have, it's either been a pit shark or using a dip belt and a loading pin.  This was a flat platform style and it absolutely annihilated my quads in an embarrassing way.  I was going to keep working up, just playing around with it, but my left quad cramped up so bad it felt like it was going to rip in half so I had to stop.  Today was a solid training day with a top notch training partner in an awesome facility.  I'll definitely be back to train there again.