Sat, 18 Aug 18

Events @ The Shop Gym

This was my last weekend living in southern MD before I move back home to Salisbury on Friday and I still had yet to go see THE one and only Kevin Dickhut so we got a plan together to go train at The Shop in Manassas, VA since neither of us had been there before and they supposedly had a good selection of equipment for strongman.  The rumors were true and they had a decent variety of equipment and space to train.  They seem to cater mostly to body builders, at least on Saturday morning, but they had plenty of guys and girls training for PL and SM there too.

10" Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 70

complex x 120






I am not a huge fan of 10" logs, but despite that I had a pretty good day here, especially compared to last weekend when I had to tap out at 225 because of shoulder funk.  Could have kept going up, but my programming is to gradually increase over the next few weeks to see where my log max is right now instead of going balls out every weekend until something rips off.  The clean was also getting stupid on both our biceps due to being a smaller log.


40' x 185

40' x 365

40' x 545

40' x 635

2x40' x 725

Dickhut probably handled this better than me today, but he is also working toward a big yoke goal whereas I was more in knock the dust off mode.  Regardless, it was awesome to train yoke with someone who was taking the same jumps and making the same runs as I was.

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Atlas Stones (to loading dock)





All done tackyless.  I had tape with me and considered taping up my forearms after missing 315 because I was slipping off it, but I had no desire to put in that much effort on stones today, plus it was so smooth and dusty and I was so sweaty that I didn't think it would have helped enough.

Conditioning: Tire Flip/Sled Push

8 rounds of 3 flips x ~600/25' x sled + 90

The tire flips were getting sketchy toward the end, but these were good weights for today and our only rest was while the other person was going.

A good time was had by all and I'll definitely hit up The Shop again with Dickhut next time I'm over his way.  Besides the stuff we did they also had a monolift, axles, farmer's handles, other sizes of tires, a couple duck walk loading pins, a circus DB, and a small stone of steel.