Sat, 22 Sept 18

Events @ Iron Athletics

I drove up to Forest Hill, MD today to train with one of my original training partners who bears a strikingly handsome resemblance to me and vice versa.  Sure, there are lots of bald and bearded dudes in strength sports, but for years, whenever Steve and I would compete together people would ask if we were brothers.  And back in the day when we worked together, people would get us mixed up all the time.  It was a little bit of a shorter session because Steve and his fiance had to meet about adopting a dog that afternoon, but we both did some solid work.

TANK Push/Prowler Drag Medley

warmup runs with various pushes and backward drags

2 runs of {60' x TANK in 3rd gear/60' x prowler + 230}

This is just under the weights for the HW and SHW mens open divisions in the comp I'm running in December and both Steve and I finished both of our runs right around the 30 second mark.  Since many people failed to complete the carry and drag event last year at the comp I ran, I lowered the weight and distance slightly.  These were definitely gassers though.

Stone Over Bar (to 51")

3x225 - tackyless

1x315 - tackyless

3x315 - Add tacky, 1st video

1x345 - 2nd video

1x385 - 3rd video

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This is the first time really training stones since USS nats at the end of June and the heaviest stone I've loaded in at least 6 months.  Everything felt great and next time I'm up at Iron Athletics I might have to give Steve's 22 inch 425 lb stone a run again to see if I can tie or beat my all time record.

TANK Pushes

60' x N

60' x 1st gear

60' x 2nd gear

10x60' x 3rd gear

All runs were 30' down and 30' back.