Sat, 21 Feb 15

The combo of snow and ice at the Unit made it impossible to train any moving events and the temps were so cold that shoveling through the ice was not gonna happen so I trained inddors with Inman at the good old poop factory.

Farmer's DL





8x300 - This is great since I was able to do both work sets with no oblique pain.  Hopefully I am finally past this stupid nagging muscle strain.

Circus DB C&P (clean each rep)

complex x 75


2x10x115 - First set right arm, second set left arm.

Prowler/Tyre Flippe Conditioning

10x{30'xprowler/4 flips x ~400} - 2 man rotation.  I miss tire flips.  Wish I had room in the unit to store a good flipping tire.