Explosive Back Complex

One of my daughters had honor choir practice last night and my wife wanted to go to the gym while we waited for her practice to end. I had trained back that morning and was going to train arms the next day, so the question was - what do I train? I decided to do a second back workout similar to the design Christian Thibaudeau provided me while training for my competitions in Slovakia, UK and Toronto last spring.

Christian called this specific workout an Explosive Complex designed to increase muscle size, hardness and overall recovery ability. Lifting numbers are not a priority on this workout. This was personally one of my favorite complexes. Here is what it included:

Dumbbell Pullovers: 40lbs x 20 super-slow reps for constant tension.

Immediately move to...

Kettlebell Swings: 50lbs x 15 reps explosive whereby you have to stop the kettlebell when your arms are out in front of you.

Immediately move to...

Pull-up Stretch: Relax the scapulae and allow your body weight to stretch out your back for 60 seconds.

Here is a video:

Rest for about 2 minutes after each complex and perform the complex 4 times.

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