Wed, 25 Mar 15

Since I didn't have time to do conditioning yesterday after squatting, I headed to the Unit today to make it up and also get in a little bit of extra work testing out a couple things I want to do in my next training block.

Single Leg Box Jumps

2x3ea x 12" box

SS: Neck Extension/Standing Single Arm Band Serratus Punches

20x50/20ea x light band

20x50/20ea x avg band

The light band was too easy on the serratus punches and while the avg band was better, it required so much core and shoulder stabilization that the work I was doing to hold myself in position to do the exercise was more than the work I was doing with the targeted muscle group.

SS: Neck Flexion/Supine Alternate Arm Band Serratus Punches

20x25/20ea x light band

20x35/20ea x avg band

I laid on a roller to do the supine serratus punches and this turned out to be a much better variation in terms of eliciting the desired muscular work.

Forward Prowler Drag

1 mile x prowler

This was done at a fairly easy pace (i.e. able to do continuous work)

Prowler Pushes