Sun, 17 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 3, Day 1 - Assistance @ Iron Strong CF

Yesterday prior to training I helped ISCF co-owner Dave pick up 1,000+ lbs of calibrated plates, a leg press, a combo lat pulldown and seated row, and a very nice bench. Today I went in and made repairs to the jerk boxes and then did some extra assistance work and rehab of some minor nagging muscle funk.  Not-so-hidden message: if you are fortunate enough to train at a gym that has awesome equipment and awesome people and actually supports strength sports, do whatever you can to support the gym and the owners and staff.  The reason strength sports are often frowned upon in commercial gyms is because it only takes 1 asshole to mess it up for all of us.  So if you find a place that welcomes and supports you, treat the gym, the equipment, and the staff BETTER than you would treat your own gym, equipment, friends, and family.  It's usually not lucrative for these places to support us and it's very easy to just say screw strongman/powerlifting/highland games/etc and focus on what makes money like CF and general fitness.  If someone yells at you for being an asshole, rest assured you are being one and you need to stop before you ruin it for yourself and everyone else.

BFR Leg Press Calf Raises

75 reps x 180

BFR Squats

75 reps x BW

Close Grip Skull Crushers/Neck Harness Flexion




Wide Grip Curls/Neck Harness Extension



Expand Yo Hands Bands

2x100x greens

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