Wed, 21 Nov 18

Speed Lower

Morning training day numero dos.  Today was better than Monday and better than last week when I trained after work.  You'll also note I didn't do my speed squats today.  That is because I am boycotting deep knee bends until my box squat box arrives (later today - it's not late, I'm just excited) because now that arrival is imminent, I refuse to stack up all the mats in my garage on my calf raise step to setup the makeshift box I've been using lately.

Chains Deficit Axle DL (3 sets of chains, 1.5" deficit)

10x70 - No chains

10x70 - Add chains









Last 2 work up sets slowed down a little off the floor, but still had good acceleration.

Band Assist Home GHRs/SSYB RFE Split Squats/SSYB Calf Raises

10xBW minus mini band/10ea x 115/20x115

2x{15xBW minus mini band/10ea x 155/20x245}

15xBW minus mini band/10ea x 175/20x245

I did a warmup set for all my accessory stuff at the end because of training in the morning.  And the title of this log post is in reference to the last set of split squats.  I knew I would get 10 each on my last set if I kept the weight the same, but I was also dying of being a chunky butt and didn't want to go up. So I told myself what I titled this post and threw a 10 on each side.  I felt it.  It was much worse.  But the lie made me do more and I didn't die, which was the point.  Can't wait to squat with an actual box instead of a pile of crap next week.