Wed, 20 Aug 17

Benching with the bands

I am led to believe after today's training that I either need to drop the weight or switch from the axle to a regular barbell.  I bumped up a little from last week, and there were some fast sets, but largely this seemed to look and feel slower than it should have in order for me to actually be working on speed.  I'll try it with a barbell next week to test this theory.  Failing that, I'll just go lighter.

Banded Axle Bench Press (doubled minis)


6x70 - Add Bands




I didn't feel like I was moving fast until the 5th set.  I think part of this had to do with not keeping my wrists up, since when I noticed I was dropping them and then focused on fixing it, things got much closer to where I wanted them in terms of bar speed.

DB Rows/Triceps Pushdowns

3x{10ea x 110/10x75}

Cable Curls/Iso Hold Bent Reverse Flys/Incline Reverse Crunches

10x45/15ea x 5/20xBW

10x55/15ea x 5/15xBW

10x65/15ea x 5/15xBW

The cable curls were weird.  Possibly because I have never really ever done this exercise before and possibly because I may need to lube up my Spud Inc. cable pulleys since they've been in service in my garage for a couple of years now.  And doing 20 reps on my first set of crunches shipwrecked me abs.  I about died on number 6 on the last set and had to go from a nice steady rhythm to doing double and then resting to barely being able to do singles to finish out the set.