Background: I work at OSU as a graduate teaching associate and lift at Ludus Magnus. I am a raw lifter who competes in the 105lb weight classes, and am currently prepping for my next meet (when grad school finally gives me a weekend off) . Currently, I am in the process of trying to accomplish my lofty lifting goals,survive graduate school, and teach undergraduates about what I really love, TRAINING..


Eccentric Week1: DE lower (WED)

Warm up

Neural prep
1.weighted box jumps
3 x 3

1. Speed contrast pause squat
9 x 2+1
1 set=
2 reps x 50% unwrapped squat 1rm with 4 count isometric in bottom, high bar back squat
1 front front squat, same weight, as fast as possible (afap)

2. Pause cleans
5 x 1+1+1
1 set:
1 rep pause below knee (3 count)
1 rep pause below knee (3 count) then pause above knee (3 count)
1 rep no pauses but 20 lbs heavier

3a. Weighted kneeling jumps
3 x 3

3b. GHR with 3 count pause when extended with 10lb plate behind head
3 x 5


This week was one big NASCAR analogy: while squats were fast like one, other parts of my life were in total crash and burn mode lol