February 6th

TTF Lower warm up

Safety Bar Box Squats work up to single. Barx5, 155x4, 245x3, 295x3, 335x2, 385x1, 425x1, 475x1 Heavy no spot felt weird feel in chest.  Feels good to go little heavier though.  Most done on a box squat w/SS bar FOREVER!!!!

Bulgarian split squats 3x5 BW/35/65

Standing Abs  3x5.  13/17/20

February 7th

Echo bike 6min. 1:75 of a mile 


BENCH PRESS 5x5. 145, 195, 235, 285, 315x5

Chest supported row (Icarian) 5x5z 75/150/195/205lbs

February 8th

Treadmill 6min. 5min at 3:5mph then 1min at 4:5mph

White curl machine 

20/15/10/5/worked up to 8plates

Neck. 90lbs 1x12

Plank 1:40

February 9th

Echo Bike. 6min. Got to 1:74 of a mile

Mobility drills 5min

Deadlift.  Conventional (1mat) 5x3. 135,225,315,365, 415lbs felt good (go to for 500lbs next week)

Glute/Ham Raises 3x5.  BW

HEEL TOUCHES 2x5each leg BW

February 10th


BAMBOO OHP.  4x6. 30lb KB+20lb DB’s.  30lb KB’s +20lb DB’s+10lb KB’s. 30lb KB’s +20lb DB’s+10lb KB’s+10lb DB’s

Pull-ups.  4x5. Assist/110,  BW, BW, BW, BW

Dips. Assist/5, BWx5, 10lbsX5, 20lbsx20reps

Strongman Farmer Shrugs. 3x8. 135, 225, 295, 345lbs

February 11th

Treadmill 6min. 3:5MPH for 5min. 4:5MPH for 1min.

Neck 90lbs 1x12

Hammer Curls. 20/15/5/5. 35/45/55/65

LifeFitness Crunch.  4x15w/10lbs did after class ran out time 

for our groups and clients we did a three second tempo eccentric one second tempo pause then one second tempo concentric. This was for all the main lifts. Here is an example of our second upper body day, training session,Here is an example of our second upper body day, training session,


Bamboo bar KrazyBell 5xfail

DB Low Row 5x8

MedBall complex 10/10/9/9/8/8……..1/1.

Disk Slides 5/5yd (SS) band pull aparts 5x1min

Farmers walk 3x1min

Conditioning and stretch