Mon, 4 June 18

Upper @ BSG

I'm in my last block of training for USS nationals in New York at the end of this month.  The plan is for 3 more weeks of training and then a deload the week leading up to the comp.  My upper days are focused on a combination of shoulder stability and strength, with all my pressing being done with DBs or KBs for now.

Clap Pushups


Single Arm Bottoms Up KB Press

10ea x 25

6ea x 35

2ea x 45

2x6ea x 50

6ea x 55

Left arm was slightly more wobbly than right arm on my work sets.

Pendlay Rows





Alternate Arm Neutral Grip DB Bench/Supinated Grip Lat Pulldowns

2x{8ea x 90/10x132}

8ea x 95/10x132

Still using a bottom pause for the DBB and an emphasis on scapular depression with a 4 count negative on the lat pulldowns.

GHR Back Extensions/Head Support Reverse Flys



Airbike Tabata

This sucked more than usual today, probably because of training in the morning before work.