Wed, 26 Sept 18

Speed Lower

Despite working on strengthening my shoulder stabilizers, I was still able to stick with doing my DE lower days keeping suited chain deads as my primary exercise.  The only change I made was not working up on my last few sets like I normally would.

Suited Chain DL (2 sets of chains)

20x45 - No chains

6x135 - Add chains



2x2x405 - Added Metal Jack DL suit, first set the suit wasn't completely seated and it felt awful so I repeated and it was much better the second go round.

8x2x425 - Rest 60 sec between sets






Blast Strap DB RFE Split Squats/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises


3x{10ea x 50/25x265}

Doing the rear foot elevated split squats with my foot anchored in a blast strap instead of on a stable surface was infinitely more challenging once I added holding a DB into the equation and led to a lot of angry grunts and curse words compared to how I have been doing them in prior weeks.

I was a slacker and skipped core work today because following deadlifts with deadlifts always kills me.  I need to start doing both squats and deads on my lower days, which is one of the changes I plan to implement in my next training block.