First Day Adding in Hang Cleans - Explosiveness is definitely going to be more important moving forward

..As I mentioned in my last log, I switched out speed pulls for cleans for the coming mesocycle of training. My technique has a lot to be desired, and I'm going to work on improving it BUT also not spending more time on it than I should. I have to improve on cleans and general explosiveness for Strongman, but I'm also not a Weightlifter so it's not always going to be pretty. Part of it is just going to be getting used to cleaning a barbell/axle, since I've so rarely done it. With how crucial explosiveness is for different Strongman events too, extra hip extension work will be helpful in addition to all the strength training from week to week.

*I also normally have been doing conditioning with loaded carries on this day, but was running behind and didn't get a chance. It will be added back in next week.

Week 2 - Day 2: Deadlift + Squat (Explosive & Strength)

A1. Reverse Hypers (light) - 3x12

A2. Med Ball Hip Toss Over Shoulder - 3x3

B. Hang Cleans - 5x2 w/ 155lbs

C. Deadlift (3+ Day) - 455x8 for top set

D. Buffalo Bar Box Squats in Briefs - 8x2 w/ 335 + 6 chains (+20lbs from previous wave) [Short rest periods]

supplemental work chains box squat 042514

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