Wed, 18 July 18

Lower @ Healthy Baller

Last time I squatted was April 19th, so three months squat free, at least with any kind of bar (I did do atlas stone box squats regularly while I was at Brute).  My reasoning for this was to get more work on deadlifting from 14" and work on car deadlifting, both to specialize my strength for USS nationals - which turned out to be a good choice.  More on that soon when I finish up writing out my programming and rationale of my training leading up to wining nationals a couple weeks ago.  I added squats back in because the car DL at World's is side handle and doing a side handle car DL is very similar to doing a high box, close stance box squat with a safety squat bar.  I added in the chains just for poops and grins.

Chain SS Yoke Bar High Box Squats (2 sets of chains)

10x65 - No chains

10x70 - Add chains







I was starting to round my low back a lot on the last set so that was my cue to exit stage left.

High Handle Trap Bar DL





Doing these to work on both my picks for frame carry and side handle car DL.

Glute Ham Roller Leg Curls/Incline Reverse Crunches

2x{10x monster mini band/20xBW}

My hamhocks and abs were both cramping pretty badly so 2 sets instead of 3 today.

Paused Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

10ea x 10kg/25x245

10ea x 20kg/25x245

I had the choice of doing conditioning or all my assistance work today due to having to finish up and get ready for work so I chose accessory work since I have already gotten in one tabata this week and I'll be conditioning again for sure on Event Day.