I’m currently in meet prep for the RPS Lexen Spring Fling in Columbus, Ohio on May 9th, 2015. I will be competing in my first multi-ply meet, going bench only at 148 pounds.

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Sunday was my first day of really training in the bench shirt. My plan of attack for today was to do air board triples with around 335 on one breath (thanks to Vincent). This was teaching me how to stay tight in the shirt, get used to the pressure, and just learn the groove of the shirt. Things were feeling decent so I slowly bumped the weights up a bit as I was getting pretty close to touching. I still never did touch, but I decided that I had enough for the day. My day to test and find the lightest weight I can touch with is next week. Considering I just came off a meet, I didn't want to handle too much weight and just try to learn the groove. I think I picked up on it pretty quick, but I really need to be patient and not force the bar down. Towards the end I was trying so hard to settle and meet the bar that I was just toast.

I think it's going to take me about 375-385 to touch next week, so I at least have some weights in mind of where I am going. Once I figure that out I will feel much more comfortable.

Overall, a solid first day of training in the shirt, and I've got a lot of work to do. I will be having a bunch of different eyes on me over the next two months, so hopefully I get this dialed in over the next few sessions so I can really begin to train in it with weights closer to meet projections.


Warm Up
Bench Press - 50's x4x12
Mini Band Face Pulls - 100 total reps
Rolling Plank - 50 total reps

A1) Bench Press
295x1 add black Metal Catapult
315x3 (air board) - add Metal Jack
335x2x3 (air board)
355x3 (air board)
365x3 (air board)

B1) 2 Board Bench Press

C1) DB Bench Press
90's x 18, 15, 12

D1) Standing Cable Rows, neutral grip

E1) Band Pressdowns
3 sets of near failure
E2) Hammer Curls
E3) Seated Rear Delt Raises