Found a New Gym for Weekend Training! / Starting Speed Pull & Secondary Squat Day Again (Week 1 - Day 4)

..I have been looking for a well-equipped gym that I can get to on the weekends, that will work around my schedule and allow me to train how I want to. One of my staff goes to Calibrated Crossfit, which is about 20 minutes from me, and the owner has everything from strongman equipment, to chains, to specialty bars (SSB, cambered, swiss bar, etc etc). We met and agreed upon an a membership outside of their class hours, so I have a key and can train anytime there isn't a CF class. In addition to my staff member, there are a handful of people I've already met there and it seems like a great facility and group of people.

..With that now settled in, I'm returning to the weekend training setup that I've found a lot of success over the years, and that is doing Deadlifts (speed pulls followed by a rotation of rep work on certain weeks) followed by Box Squats in Briefs with various specialty bars, and a ton of reverse hypers. Really happy to be in a groove again..

Week 1 - Day 4 (Deadlift & Secondary Squats)

A. Box Jumps (superset between DL warm-ups) - 5x3

B. Deadlifts - Speed Pulls - 5x2 w/ 375lbs

C. Deadlifts - AMRAP Set - 405x12

D. Cambered Bar Box Squats in Briefs - 8x2 w/ 360lbs

E. Reverse Hypers - 5x20


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