Tonight I start a preheat week to my next 28 week training cycle. Having a child on the way I want to take the summer off from competing to be a dad. My goal is to compete at the XPC Finals in 2016 and move up the ranks. Because I need to qualify though I must compete in 2015. I will compete in November to qualify for XPC. This gives me 7 months to infiltrate, destroy, rebuild, and repair my current sturcture. There are specific things I need to change and strengthen. To make these changes I need to train in ways I have never trained before. I have trained the same way for over 6 years. For the next 7 months the training wheels are coming off. I plan of falling, I plan on failing, but most importantly I plan on growing. I am very excited for this new massive training cycle. Please follow as I chase bigger things in 2016! "Passion trumps fucking everything" "Hard Work Beats Talent"

This says it all, this will live in my buds for the next 7 months.: