Wed, 17 Oct 18

Heavy Lower

I stuck with my genius idea of squatting in my Jack briefs today.  It did not go well.  This is partly due to the fact that my briefs are a little loose on me at present and partly due to plain old eating a sh!t sandwich.  Between blaming the briefs or me, I'd pick me.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squats





2x405 - Add Jack briefs


1x500 - This was a little rough cause I lost some tightness in the hole.

1x520 - Better

1x540 - This was ugly as hell and I almost got folded like an accordion half way up before I got my act together and tightened up my back to finish it.

2x485 - 100% ass suck

I don't know what happened on my first down set.  First I got setup backward (stepped back with wrong leg after unracking) so I re-racked it and started over again.  Then I was literally falling forward standing up from the first rep and had to step forward to finish the rep.  I should have stopped here, but I kept going for another rep since I was planning on doing 3 triples.  I felt like I had nothing left on the second rep and it felt harder than 540 so I racked it and called it for my entire training session for the day.

On one hand, I have never squatted with the SSYB in briefs before.  But on the other, more important hand, I was losing tightness and falling forward and almost failing easy reps so this was just a crappy day.  Thankfully these are the exception rather than then norm now that I've graduated from PT school.

I've done too much this week to turn it into a deload so my plan going forward is to drop down on my volume somewhat and reassess next week whether I need a deload or not.  I'm leaning toward not right now.