Friday I'll be heading up to Columbus for the Arnold Classic, and I can't wait to watch some of my elitefts teammates compete. This is an incredibly hard working and humble team that I'm fortunate to be a part of, and I love seeing them take the platform. For those of us not competing this year, we typically get together to talk shop, hang out and train in the morning, and I'm thinking of putting on my squat suit to see where I'm at (since I benched in my shirt 2 weeks ago, and deadlifted in my suit last weekend). Knowing I'll be doing that Saturday, I kept the weights light today. I'm also getting my Metal Ace briefs adjusted to fit my not-as-fat frame, so I stayed raw for box squats today and then followed that with block pulls and some light accessory work..

D.E. Lower @ Ohio University:

A1. Hip warm-up/mobility (hip airplanes <Chris Duffin>, banded hip series <David Allen>)

A2. Glute Ham Raises - 4x10

B. SS Yoke Bar Box Squats (deload) - 5x5 w/ 290lbs

C. Mid-Shin Block Pulls (deload) - 3x5 w/ 405lbs


D1. Ab Cable Pulldowns - 3x10

D2. One-Arm Dumbbell Rows - 3x15

E1. Standing Hamstring Curls using Leg Extension Machine - 4x20

E2. Leg Extensions - 4x20


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