Just trying to establish some regularity in the gym.  I was actually able to go Monday, Tuesday, Thursday this week. I'm so super grateful my part time job has again calmed down a bit and my schedule is more manageable...and of course I'm getting ready to move in 2 short weeks!

Tuesday I kind of just did some random leg work

lunges 2x10
leg press 4 x15
back extensions 3x10
hack squats 5x10

Thursday was fun and I enjoyed the different exercises, it's been SO long since I used chains or did floor press.

Sled 2 plates 4 trips down and back
Floor Press 165x3x5 & 155x2x5
DB Bench 25 x 2 x 20
DB Tricep Extension 4x15
T Bar Row 25x50 reps
Seated Shrugs - 50 reps

I swear Casey Williams is going to make me the biggest  most jackedness girl bencher there ever was!