Background: I work at OSU as a graduate teaching associate and lift at Ludus Magnus. I am a raw lifter who competes in the 105lb weight classes, and am currently prepping for my next meet (when grad school finally gives me a weekend off) . Currently, I am in the process of trying to accomplish my lofty lifting goals,survive graduate school, and teach undergraduates about what I really love, TRAINING..


Isometric Week3: DE lower (Tuesday)

Warm up
1. Stepper

Neural prep
2. Seat box jump
3 x 3 x25lbs

3. Contrast speed squats
9 x2+1
1 set:
2 high bar back squats x 60% with 3 count isomeric in bottom
1 rep with same weight for a front squat as fast as possible
30 sec rest

*kicked my behind and my back went out at set 4... But like an idiot, I kept cruising

4. Contrast power clean
3 x 1+1+
1 set:
1 rep three count pause below knee
1 rep three count pause below knee and then above knee
1 rep + 20lbs full speed no pause

5a. Reverse hypers with 5 count pause at top
3 x 5

5b. Barbell behind bridges with 5 count pauses at top
3 x 5

Giving it, not taking it, clearly...
So yesterday another student came to me to get help on an experiment idea.  As they explained all the components of [sprinting and nutrient timing] they wanted to look at, I told them that the best thing to do was to [before worrying about all the details and conditions] put together their question in one sentence that their mom would understand.

With that in mind, those words stuck in my head for a lot of the day....

Outside of training, I think I've done a great job recently of answering the question of what I want out of life in a sentence...BUT then doing the exact opposite.  My actions have gone against my clear logic, and as I joked to my friend Grant yesterday, I can't just give advice on now to drive through canyons and then drive off the cliff once I get behind the wheel.

But, I'm stubborn, so it takes a really long time me to figure things like that out.  Oh, and if you couple that with some distracting bad luck like nosebleeds, broken cards, and crazy computers, it can be a little hard to remember that I even had my foot on the gas to begin with.... Is it Friday yet?

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