Fri, 28 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 3 - SQ

With my trip to Scotland and England rapidly approaching, I am trying to finish up the programming for the remainder of this block of my training before I leave.  I think I can do it, as long as my low back stays healthy and I play it smart.  Hopefully this doesn't blow up in my face.









Doing the RPR quad reset makes my knees feel lovely.  In spite of that, my set with 420 was idiotic.  I took about 10 steps to walk it out (for no apparent reason), did more of a squat and a good morning, and even without seeing it on video I think my depth was questionable.  Oh well, done with squats for this wave.

Lateral Lunges/Incline Reverse Crunches

10ea x BW/15xBW

2x{10ea x 25/15xBW}

Lateral lunges and really anything not in the saggital plane seem to be a weakness now so there will be more of that for the foreseeable future.  Also, training was short(er) today since I'm trying to cut back on everything to do enough to make progress while still allowing my psoas to not get overworked again.