Mon, 21 Aug 17

Heavy OH

Heavy may be a bit misleading.  My log cleaning and pressing wasn't actually limited by difficulty moving the weight, but rather by difficulty breathing.  My work capacity is still in the garbage can, so while doing heavy singles is ok, as is cleaning once and pressing for reps, cleaning and pressing all the reps is not great for now.  I'd like to say I'll add in some prowler work, but based on my first week back in business, I am going to take it slow as I work back up to where I feel I should be instead of just jumping back into full on strict programming and crazy conditioning.  And speaking of programming I have switched from a percentage based approach to an RPE based approach for the time being.  I've only got one day in the books so far, but it already feels immensely better than last week and really than the last few weeks leading up to my vacation for that matter.  If I crash and burn, then I'll rethink things, but for now, so far so good.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85




3x255 - Still majorly winded when I clean each rep so this is sticking around for a while.

Supinated Grip Axle Rows/Close Grip Axle Bench




Double Arm Diagonal Front Raise/Windshield Wipers

3x{20 x micro band/10ea x BW}

Note to self written in my training notebook: "Congratulations on actually completing a full training day as planned.  Now don't fuck it up!"