Heavy weekend 09.28 and 09.29


I've been running linear programming this year and it is working well. I take a heavy squat and bench every third week. This is allowing me to recover between heavy training sessions. This is a heavy weekend...

box squats - box at 1/2 inch above parallel

worked up to 405 doing doubles

put on Metal Ace briefs

worked up to 690 doing singles

added Metal Ace suit - straps down

worked up to 870 doing singles

added reverse light bands

960 for a single

Things moved well. The 960 was heavy and it felt heavy and it required a lot of time to get my pick right. I'm confident that in 3 weeks from now it won't feel as heavy as it did today.



I'll be using my new Metal Ace bench shirt for the first time today. My previous "go-to" shirt split a few weeks ago and it's time to break in a new one.

bench - boards were not used today. I did not touch any bench

worked up to 495 doing triples

545 for 2 singles


low pulley cable rows

worked up to the stack for 5 reps



25's for 4 sets of 8 reps


I was fighting the shirt all day today. Trying to pull the weight down and transition to a press is a challenge. The shirt is starting to break in but it's going to take some time.

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