In the effort to try and make some extra cash this week, I picked up over 20 hours of overtime added on to my school schedule. With this being said, I only made it into the gym twice to just try and get moving. I basically just did a simple "boring but big" 5x10 for squat and bench, did two assistance movements each and some abs. I'll be ready to go full force next week with a lighter work load.

Squat Day

A. Squat
Bar weight x 10
225x10x5 Sets

B. Hyper Extensions
4x20 - Bodyweight

C. Leg Extensions
4x20 - Unilateral

D. Ab Machine

Bench Day

A. Bench
Bar weight x 10
135 x 10
185x10x5 Sets

B. Machine Incline

C. Tricep Pushdowns

D. Ab Wheel