I have really come to like good mornings. I use to hate them. Loathe them. DESPISE THEM...but that's because I didn't really know how or what to feel with them (basically I didn't know what the hell I was doing). I used to just bend over like a hussy on a Friday night instead of mimicking the deadlift movement. Now I know how to hinge my hips, use my hamstrings, brace my core and fire my glutes through the lockout. I was timid when beginning to utilize these because of how afraid I was of hurting myself. I can now blow through these with MUCH more confidence. When I started, I did 275 for three singles (with a belt). For this ME Lower day, I decided to slap the belt back on to see how heavy I could go. I ended up doing 365 for a triple and it felt good. On my last rep I could start feeling the breakdown/flexion in my lower back so I shut them down there. I also did some beltless stiff leg deadlifts post good mornings to just really say "fuck you" to my low back.  The brim of my hat was dripping to give you an idea of how much I was sweating. I did not wash my hat in case you were wondering.

Warm Up
3x15 Ab Pulldowns
Pose/flex in bathroom mirror while poking belly fat

A. Straight Bar Good Mornings
Bar weight x 15

B. Stiff Leg Deadlifts

C1. Leg Curls
C2. Hanging Leg Raises