Mon, 31 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 3 - DL & Throws







My whole low back got funky on both sides on my second rep of 405.  It felt like BOTH of my psoas muscles tightened/cramped up at the same time.  Obviously, I did not do the sets at 440, 495, and 555 that I had programmed.  I was trying not to consider the possibility of flying to Europe this afternoon in the shape I had been in when I flew across the country a week ago.  I stopped deadlifting completely and spent about 30 minutes trying to loosen everything up and get the muscles to relax, which seemed to work.  Then I had to go and ruin it again.

Light Weight for Distance

a few warmup casts and practice turns without throwing it

2 throws x 1 turn

1 throw x 2 turns

The only reason I did the full throw at the end was because I don't feel ready at all to compete this coming Saturday.  In this case though, more practice made things worse, not better.  On the bright side, the throws felt great in terms of how I was moving and turning.  However, the fly in the ointment was that both dies of my low back hurt on all throws, left side more than right, and it got a little worse each time so I stopped and went home and did everything I could think of to loosen up my back.  Hopefully it worked.  It seemed like it did.  If not, it's gonna be a horrible flight.