High Rep Squatting with Reset Training Maxes [385x12 on Primary Squat Day from 8/14/2018]

..As I mentioned in a few previous posts, now that training is being re-focused and I have a new gym/job/schedule, I dropped my training maxes all down 30-40 lbs to start getting a running start to increasing them again. This means pretty high rep AMRAP sets on my lighter weeks (and even on my higher-percentage ones). This always leads to higher max strength for me, especially as my work capacity and muscle increases.

Primary Squat Day from 8/14/2018

A. Squat (belt/knee sleeves) - Triples up to 385x12 top set (3+ week)

B. 2-count Pause Squats - 1x6 w. 285lbs

C. Hammer Strength Hamstring Curls - 4x10

D1. Dumbbell Shrugs - 3x20

D2. Bicep Curls - 3x10


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