Fri, 14 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 3 - Assistance I

Looking at myself in the mirror today, I looked all kind of crooked.  Maybe it was just my eyes bleeding from the start of midterms or maybe I was starting to tighten up from spending a lot more of my time in a seated forward lean position due to studying and taking exams.  Whatever was going on, I warmed up enough that everything felt good and like I was moving well, so my driving thought was, "Let's Go!"  Fridays are currently my easier training days and more focused on technique work and prehab than anything else, but feeling good during training still makes a huge impact on my overall outlook on life so this was a good end to the week.

BB Split Jerks

complex x 45

complex x 95

complex x 135

2ea x 185

2ea x 195

2ea x 205

All sets were one rep with each leg split forward and all were G to VG.  Good progress for my knee rehab, still barely on track to hit my minimum goals to be able to compete in MD Strongest in mid November.

OH Squat






4x165 - Lost my stability on my 4th rep after standing up with it.

Paused CG Shoulder Saver Bench Press/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

8x135/15ea x monster mini

8x185/15ea x monster mini

8x225/15ea x monster mini

I basically just did warmup sets for the bench today because my right shoulder (proximal bicep tendon) was feeling a little sore.  While I am always one for pushing over, around, and through whatever I can, doing that on a day where numbers are much less important than movement quality is just idiotic.