How I Organize "Down Weeks" Instead of Deloads / Week 1 - Day 2 (Primary Squat Day: 5s Week)

..This week is a "down week" for all lifts, which means I use the lower percentage in my wave and cap all reps at 5 instead of doing an AMRAP set. Having this week rotate in every 3 weeks helps me to keep momentum going and keep from overtraining without dropping the weights too low or doing a formal "deload". This has worked well for me, and on these weeks I really focus on moving with as much speed and controlled aggression as possible. I think when you have weeks that you aren't going for any sort of PR or rep record, it's that much more important to train intentionally.

Week 1 - Day 2 (Primary Squat Day: 5s Week)

A. Squat (belt only): Triples up to top set of 365x5

B. Pause Squat: 285x10

C. Hammer Strength Leg Curl: 4x10

D. Seated Machine Row: 4x8

E. Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 3x12 each arm


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