How to Train Events with a Stanky Leg

Sat, 30 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 4, Day 3 - Events @ The Unit

I have a pretty good idea of what my current limitations are with my right knee so I gave event training a shot with the focus on doing some work that made me feel like I had a productive training session.  Mission accomplished.


75 reps each x light band

BFR Squats

75 x BW

Axle Clean & Strict Press (clean once)








I have always sucked balls at strict pressing, so this actually felt like work, but it didn't bother my knee a bit.

Yoke/Sandbag Carry/One Arm Farmer's Medley


5x{50'x250/50'x200/50'ea x 70} - Rest 60 sec between medleys

---/50'x200/--- - Putting away sandbag

My left calf was acting up for who the hell knows what reason on this and I was not going to increase the yoke or farmer's weights until it stopped.  It didn't stop so I didn't increase the weights.  This still was a relatively decent lung buster.

Sandbag Over the Shoulder/Prowler Medley

5x{6x100/100'xprowler+90} - Done in 8 minutes and change.

I alternated shoulders on the sandbag and the prowler pushes were 50' down, 50' back to keep my fat ass from having to do run backs like I was doing on the previous medley.

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