Tues, 13 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - SQ

Following up press progress with knee rehab progress is a good second act to my week.  I was previously having to step down and back (as from a box for step ups or box jumps, or as in landing a split jerk) with my left leg in a cautious manner and sometimes I just had to stop because it would cause increased pain that I couldn't relieve by altering my mechanics.  Today I was able to do it not only without pain, but with additional resistance as well.  Squats also felt the best they have since hurting myself, but I still stopped short of what I was capable of strength-wise when my technique began to break down and I was having trouble keeping my left knee out.  Overall not a bad training day though, especially since it was earlier in the morning rather than in the afternoon like I would prefer.  Unfortunately with my class and clinical schedule I'm going to have to bump training to the mornings sometimes, but I can't do it all the time so I'll constantly be back and forth between AM and PM training this semester.







6x365 - Felt good for at least 8-10, but increasing knee valgus (L>R) made me stop these here for today.

DB Stepups (12" box)

15ea x BW

15ea x 10

15ea x 20

15ea x 30 - This was the first set that I didn't feel 100% about, but it was good enough to start here next time and probably go up.

Paused TKEs (5 count)/Blast Strap Leg Curls/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

3x{15ea x avg/15xBW/20x245}