Sun, 24 Mar 19

Speed & Assistance

I checked back over my old training from last year and realized I was missing out on the fun of doing box jumps.  Problem solved and a good time was had by all.

Box Jumps

5xBW to 24"

5xBW to 30"

3x5xBW to 36" - First set felt kind of high, but they got easier after that.

Hang Power Snatches

BB w/ups





Pronated Grip Lat Pulldowns/Lateral Raises

12x90/12x20 - Tried supinated grip LPD first, but it felt bad so I switched.



Surprisingly the lateral raises felt great, which I was not expecting.

Triceps Pushdowns/Alternate Arm DB Curls (L,R,B=1)



I'm supposed to be training down in the 8 rep range for accessories, but some of this was new or the first time I had done it in my garage so I tested it out a little lighter.  I'll bump weights up and reps down next week.  Also I really need to add in conditioning more regularly.