Thurs, 24 Aug 17

Benching, but what with bands and things

In an effort to move fast(er) since I am currently slow and rusty, I am continuing the speed work with accommodating resistance that I was doing in my last block of training before I went all throw crazy.  I'm doing it as a primary movement now though instead of a supplemental one.

Banded Axle Bench Press (doubled minis)


6x70 - Add bands.



6x3x160 - It took me until the 3rd set at this weight to feel not slow, but this was decent, if lighter than I had thought I would go.

DB Rows/Triceps Pushdowns

3x{10ea x 105/10x70}

Iso Hold Bent Reverse Flys/Incline Reverse Crunches

3x{15ea x 5/15xBW}